2015-03-08 Issue

Published on March 8, 2015

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“Surrounding You In Love” by Mother Mary through Deonna Phillips


I am Mother Mary and I come forward today to surround you in love–high vibrational, all encompassing, ever expanding, all inclusive, abundant, warm, comforting love.

Love is the only truth in the Universe. All the other emotions are of the ego which is a construct of the third dimension. It was meant to simply be a means to experience contrast and was not meant to become all consuming in the human experience.

Each being is given free will and may use these energies in any way that they wish. We do not view it as “bad” or “wrong”, it simply is not the truth of who you are. Many of you believe that it is “bad” to be in the ego. No, it is just a state of being to experience duality.

All of your experiences have been created for your best and highest expansion. Now the planet is moving higher on the vibrational scale and souls are waking up to the truth of their divinity. Those who have not woken up will do so in the best time for them. We have no judgment. Whether or not you judge is your prerogative. It is more peaceful to be in a neutral state but the judgments do serve a purpose which is to point out where you are holding judgment against yourself.

Releasing judgments allows more love to flow through you and to others and so we do advise it. Just remember that whatever your choice, we hold only love for you.

Mother Mary

Channeled by Deonna Phillips, February 12, 2015