2015-03-01 Issue

Published on March 1, 2015

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“The Violet Flame Rejuvenates Your Cells” by Archangel Amethyst through Shirley Mayes


Good Day, Dear Ones:

I AM Archangel Amethyst and I am honored to be able to come forth into your awareness this way and to speak to you and perhaps uplift you in many ways through the heart. I bring forth my energies to surround you first of all in love, because love is the most important energy, but also the transformative energy of the violet flame. This beautiful energy will transmute the negative and chaotic energy you experience on Earth into the beauty and perfection of the Creator.

Call my name and I will come forth to help you clear and transform yourself back into the original perfect and beautiful divine being that you truly are. I see your light shining through, you just need a bath in this 7th Ray Violet Flame. Bathe in this light, dear ones, as it will rejuvenate your cells and organs and give your a younger appearance. Now I know that would make you happy, and it will truly help you to feel more energized, and full of life force.

You are loved and cherished by the angelic teams that support you now. Acknowledge us and ask for our assistance. We delight in our ability to help you smile and laugh and enjoy life as it was intended to be.

Peace, beauty and harmony be with you this day.

I AM AA Amethyst

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, February 12, 2015