2015-02-15 Issue

Published on February 15, 2015

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“You Are Loved Beyond Measure” by the Cosmic Mother Mary through Deonna Phillips


Greetings my Beloved Children,

I am Mother Mary. I wish to shower you with unconditional love and light this day to lift you up and let you know how truly loved you are. These times, while exciting, are also full of challenges that you chose to face. Still, the knowing of it does not always ease the difficulties of the human life.

I am here as your Cosmic Mother to comfort you, hold your hand and assure you that you are loved beyond measure! There are many new energies coming this year on Earth and they will surely assist in your expansion. Growing is not always comfortable but necessary. I am here to help you wherever you may find yourself in that expansion to embrace you in love. Just remember to call on all of your helpers who very much wish to support you! We are right here, ready and waiting.

All my love to you dear ones,

I am the Cosmic Mother Mary.

Channeled by Deonna Phillips, January 15, 2015

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