2015-02-01 Issue

Published on February 1, 2015

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“The Fountain of Living Golden Light” by Lord Buddha through Shirley Mayes

Buddha with golden light

Greetings my Children of Earth:

It is with great love that I come forth surrounding earth in a blanket of Golden Light, the healing light of the Creator.

Sit in silence for a few moments and receive this light from the Creator. Open your heart and receive.

Now as you receive this Golden Light in your being, let it fill your body to over flowing. Now that you are over flowing with the Golden light, let it be directed to your surroundings. Watch it overflow even more to your home, your city, now your state, and watch how is continues to flow out and around the Earth. Every living thing is being saturated with this Golden Light of the Creator. For you see, you are the Fountain of Living Golden Light.

Bathe in the Divine Light my children of Earth, for you are so deserving. You are loved eternally. Peace be with you this day.

I AM Lord Buddha.

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, 1/10/15

Learn more about Shirley’s work by visiting her webpage.