2015-01-25 Issue

Published on January 11, 2015

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“Love is the Path of Wisdom” by Christ Michael of Nebadon through Suzie Addicks


Learning knowledge is an asset to cultivate. Knowledge is a gift for each to grow their wisdom from. There are many modalities of thought—knowledge and wisdom from man and experiences on Planet Earth. The mind of the God Source is all things—thoughts. It is for each to choose; that is how each becomes and learns from their choices. All is true and none is true. Truth is in you Heart of Love. Love is really all there is. Many take a long time to learn this and some not so long to understand. It takes the exploring and experiencing to see the truth in each’s heart.

Be kind to yourself and others. Be gentle and compassionate. Love is lasting in the mind and heart of all. It brings peace and the harmony that all are looking for. Love teaches and always shows the way. Each is unique but all the same. Love is always the path to wisdom. Cultivate love in all you are. Enjoy evolution and creation. They are constant and ever flowing. Flow with them and love each moment along the way.

Learn to laugh at yourself; love self and love your God Source with its magnificent heart and wisdom. Breathe in the flow of love and flow with it. Stay within your columns of light aware of your wisdom and watchful eye of discernment—you are going to need it!

Call upon the light and us often. We are close—breathe us in.

Christ Michael of Nebadon by Suzie Addicks

Learn more about Suzie’s work by visiting her website.