2015-01-18 Issue

Published on January 18, 2015

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“Taking Care of Spirit and Body” by Lord Buddha, Christ Michael of Nebadon, Lord Melchizedek and Lady Nada through Suzie Addicks

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! Enjoy your life. Enjoy your wisdom and all you stand for! Share your understanding for love and all its many facets. Be grateful in your knowledge of God’s light and heart of creation. Be the light that you are. Awake to the Universe and all its wonders. Learn to see and explore your expanded vision. Do not get into others’ dreams and their agendas.

Stay centered in your columns of light and commune with your heart and your enter wisdom. Let it guide your steps and keep your eyes on the light before you. Be the guiding light by just quietly walking the path, we are walking with you.

Rest the body. Pay attention to what you eat. All are the same biochemical of all the life upon earth. Eat simple and small amounts. No processed foods–only natural foods from plants can help you move into crystalline forms as they are changing also at a rapid pace. When you consume processed foods they are not of the same chemical composition as natural foods from the Earth and they’re not nurturing to your body. Remember you and the Mother Earth are the same. When man changes the structures of the foods, they are not of the same nurturing minerals and chemicals the body needs. This changes the cells of the body and creates discord, disease, addictions and effects the mind and heart of the body. Be true to your body, listen to it. The body will tell you what is needed or not needed.

Not all will become crystalline. By just holding your sacred space of light in transformation this helps others to see and understand all life that will be transforming.

Listen to your heart mind with compassion for yourself and others. Remember you cannot give what you do not have.

Lord Buddha, Christ Michael of Nebadon, Lord Melchizedek and Lady Nada By Suzie Addicks

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