2015-01-11 Issue

Published on January 11, 2015

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“Surrounding You in the Violet Flame” by St Germain through Shirley Mayes


lkAs I come forward, I surround you in the violet flame. As it surrounds you with these transformative energies, imagine it burning away the unwanted programs that are running and the unwanted memories within you.

I will help you re-connect with your I AM Presence, that true essence of light that is you. As you continue to transmute these blocks and negative energies, know that all is well. Everything is going according to plan. Just go with the flow and keep taking one step forward at a time. We are with you and we are helping those that get off track.

This new Golden Age will happen! Be patient and know how much we love each and everyone of you. We see the big picture and we are your guides. Trust us to guide you through the choas and confusion at this time. We are right here with you now.

If you need extra support, attention and love, call on me to come to you. I will be happy to assist you.

Now go in peace this day. You have my blessing.

I AM St Germain.

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, December 2014

Learn more about Shirley’s work by visiting her webpage.