2015-01-04 Issue

Published on January 4, 2015

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“Awaken” by Lord Buddha through Shirley Mayes

Greetings dear children of Earth:

buddha3I come forward this day to surround you in my Golden Ray of healing; open your hearts to receive this now.

I wish to bring forth this day upliftment, inspiration and love from my being to your being.

You live in a dream, an illusion you might say. You will soon begin to awaken to your real eternal self. And the more this begins to come about, find something everyday to be grateful for. State it out loud for the heavens to hear, I AM Grateful!!!

It is truly a blessing to be given this opportunity to grow into your enlightenment.

This is the experience you planned for your Creator. This is your mission dear children. Awaken!

So go, dear Children of Earth, and as you play the game of sleepiness, begin to awaken even more. You are loved eternally.

As I leave you now, I surround you in love, peace and enlightenment. It is a new day!

I bless you from my heart to your heart.

I AM Lord Buddha

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, December 2014

Learn more about Shirley’s work by visiting her webpage.