From the Masters

The Ascended Masters who work with us provide, often short and loving, inspirational messages that are published once a week on the Returning to the Oneness’ Weekly Events and Inspirational Message emailed weekly to those who subscribe. It is our highest intention that the messages provide inspiration and good vibes to all who read them.

The messages are mostly channeled through current (or former) teachers/channels of the Returning to the Oneness center. What ‘channeled’ means to us and what we gathered by their in-Spirit-ed information is that the messages are a joint creation between higher aspects of RTTO teachers and the Ascended Masters. To receive the Weekly Events publication delivered to your electronic mailbox, please click  here  to subscribe. It’s free and so are some of our classes and meditations. Read about our Anchoring Light Meditation.

The messages are archived annually as you can see from Navigation bar drop down menu. One activity that you can do with the messages that can be fun and uplifting is to ask your guidance to guide you to a message that is relevant to you.