Shirley Mayes

Shirley Mayes
Shirley Mayes has been a successful business owner of Mayes Insurance Agency for over fifteen years in Mansfield, TX. She began her spiritual journey several years ago and a few years later was inspired by Christ to attend Catherine Julian Dove’s ascension classes. This gave her the opportunity to work with many Ascended Masters.

She is a Reiki Master Teacher and has had training in tuning fork technology and is in the Order of the Blue Rose sponsored by Mother Mary. She works extensively with St. Germain on the 7th Ray and the Violet Flame in service to humanity and planet Earth. Shirley often channels messages for our Weekly Events and Inspirational Message newsletter.

Healing Tones

St. Germain expanded his channeled messages given through Shirley Mayes to include healing sounds that travel through the body to break up blocks and to pull them to the surface to transform, purify, and heal the parts of the body that need this release. Shirley is available to do a few of these a month. If you would like to have one please send an email with your question and a request for his sacred healing tones. Within a few days, you will receive an MP3 recording that can be saved to your computer to listen to over and over. He has asked Shirley to charge $25.00 for this service and/or some type of energy exchange of equal value. Shirley takes PayPal: put in her email [email protected] on the PayPal login screen, or send a check payable to her to her address: 4225 Grady Ln, Arlington, TX 76016.