The Next Seven Steps Acquiring Light

Lois Hartwick Since 1990, Lois Hartwick and a small group of people have been meeting in Western Massachusetts, USA, each week. They’re now entering their 24th year! Lois channels Ascended Masters, along with Planetary and Galactic Overseers, and Hierarchy, Star Beings and Angelics. Teachings for the last 14 years have primarily been with Thoth. The group practices a specific meditative format called “Anchoring Light” which was given by Master Hilarion and A. Gabriel. The group accomplishes much world service work with this practice. Read Master Hilarion’s article titled Pyramids of Light over Fukushima, the current Anchoring Light target area, in the Weekly Events  2014-02-16 Edition .

Last year, the group welcomed the opportunity to have those living elsewhere share the higher teachings and offerings given to them. This is accomplished via teleconference under the sponsorship of the Returning to the Oneness (RTTO) school.

“The Next Seven Steps” series with Thoth and Metatron is a follow-up to the “Aligning to the Light–DNA Restructuring” series. The recordings for this series are still available.

A list of teleconferences making up this 10-class series is below followed by payment information.

April 13 ~ Sananda – On Ascension and Easter: Significance for Humanity. Mother Mary joins in.

April 20 ~ Easter – No classes held

April 27 ~ No classes held

May 4 ~ Metatron and Thoth – Practices with the Ankh Continuing

May 11 ~ Metatron and Thoth – Use of the Numbers in the DNA Series

May 18 ~ Metatron and Thoth – Significance of Your Name – Each person choosing to participate must have their name submitted before class.

May 26 ~ Memorial Day Weekend (Class is on Monday) Metatron and Thoth – Adjusting your Blueprint & Evaluating the Houses within It – Those who wish to have their individual blueprints discussed can send copies to Lois prior to class. 5 will be chosen to be discussed.

June 1 ~ Metatron and Thoth – The Next 7 Steps Acquiring Light #1

June 8 ~ No class today

June 15 ~ Metatron and Thoth – The Next 7 Steps Acquiring Light #2

June 22 ~ Metatron and Thoth – The Next 7 Steps Acquiring Light #3

June 29 ~ Metatron and Thoth – New DNA Practices

July 6 ~ Thoth – Removing Fear and Doubt – Understanding Interferences

The cost of the series can be split in 2 parts: 5 channelings for $75.00 or the entire series for $140.00. If you commit to five or ten classes, you can pay for individual sessions for $15.00. A link to download an MP3 recordings of the teleconferences will be sent to all who join. The channelings start at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight-saving Time (EDT) (6:00 PM CDT, 5:00 PM MDT, 4:00 PM PDT). All who choose to join our “Anchoring Light” meditation at 6:00 PM EDT are welcome. To register, see payment options below. Once payment is made, you will be provided with a teleconference number and other relevant information. Written transcriptions of the classes are available within one week of the actual channeling for $5.00 each.



Class Packages

Package of five classes $75.00

Package of 10 classes $140.00

One class $15.00 (price includes live channeling and/or MP3 recording of the session)


Transcription for one class $5.00 – Let  Martha  know which one you want.

Transcription for 10 classes $50.00

Name Reading

Name Reading with Metatron through Lois – Let Lois and Martha know the exact name you want read.

Check of Money Order

Send a Check or Money Order for the amounts quoted above and specify your request. Make check payable to Martha Lopez Durkin and mail to 6103 War Bonnet, San Antonio, TX 78238. Please allow enough time for Martha to receive payment via snail mail and provide e-mail address so she can send you an email with the teleconference number.