Thoth: Template for Balance

Lois Hartwick

Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Every Sunday, beginning October 20, 2013, at 7:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight savings Time (EDT) [4:00 p.m. PDT, 5:00 p.m. MDT, 6:00 p.m. CDT]

For the remainder of the year, we will work on the following: Finding the inner portion of one’s being to move ahead during the times of trial. In other words, there are so many conditions that people are facing now I wish to discuss what this means in several of the realms of consciousness. The body is absorbing light, in some regard, from the sun, depending on where you live and the emotional body is receiving light by those who are doing the anchoring light and other meditative practices, while the mind is being stilled in the meditations as well. But how active is the mind during the day and throughout most of one’s being? Is there a rest in one’s mind or is it active?

Now is the time to find some new answers to the way we perceive life and move ahead. It is that which I wish to address. So there will be some exercises and practices toward calming oneself or to find an inner level of peace that is unshakable if practiced with regularity. It is a part of the overall process of self-regeneration and that is what is needed in your world now.

For many seeking a place of ascension, there must be the holding of light, of equal vibration and frequency and molding oneself into a higher presence on this plane. There are so many changes, and it is now important to find ways to rebalance one’s life. So we will start with some of these exercises, some sounds and configurations that will assist you as changes occur. All meditation is a benefit, but in this case, I’d like to start with some practices which will allow for greater harmony that will last throughout the day or days ahead rather than for an hour or two later. It is time to realize that the faster-moving pace that many of you are encountering in your lives is not going to change nor slow down, but rather ignite certain forces that can prove disruptive to your being at times. So balancing this type of situation, along with others and as the stars reconform and the eclipses and equinoxes and solstices and various trines and squares come forth, you will need to reform some of your thinking now. As you are altering and reforming your bodies and the very structure of your being, you will need to re-examine the many practices you have adhered to over the years. Imagine taking a beautiful crystalline structure and making it vibrate with a dense, difficult energy. It has the potential to shatter the crystal when not a good match. So as you are experiencing the vicissitudes of these times, it will be our work to redefine ways to maintain a balance and energy to support your system. The overcoming of such things will be offered with exercises in the next several months for those who would like to join in.

Package of 5 classes: $75.00;

Package of 10 classes: $120.00



For 5 classes $75.00

For 10 classes $120.00

2) Send a Check or Money Order for $75.00 or $120.00. Make check payable to Martha Lopez-Durkin and mail to 6103 War Bonnet, San Antonio, TX 78238. Please allow enough time for Martha to receive payment via snail mail and provide e-mail address so she can send you an email with the teleconference number.

If you would like to take the class but have problems regarding payment, please send me a message and we will work with you to find suitable payment plans or energy exchanges.

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