Lois Hartwick

Lois Hartwick
Undertaking new beginnings is always challenging, particularly when they appear to be not of one’s ‘choice’. And yet, ultimately they are. Lois was a successful Production Manager in the feature film industry and well on her way to greater success. A career she loved and sought to pursue until her life was challenged by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This necessitated a complete overhaul of her life and letting go of much that had been created for many years. It also became the imprint and direction for her using the inward planes and help of Master Hilarion to move through those times with her writing, prayer, meditation, studies and eventually attending workshops when able. It also spawned in her the gifts she uses today to channel and teach the many impressions and inner plane truths for today and times ahead. Through direct guidance she now lives her life and offers to you, the listener, the choice of doing the same. It is with great love that we, the Masters of Light, utilize her open spirit to speak to you each week, month and year to guide those willing souls into light.

A film career lead into the spiritual levels of consciousness and she has been directed for many years to study, write, work with clients, speak and do workshops as well as consistently unite on multidimensional levels in anchoring light group meditation, which she has lead for 23 years weekly. Her travels have been unitized for education, attunements, openings and divine light to further her work on this plane. Lois’s heart is attuned to all things in light and will reflect this as she works with you.

Private Readings

Lois is available for private readings. To set up a reading, please contact at her email below.