Creating the Golden Age Here and Now Classes

Facilitated By: Jenifer McKenzie, Shirley Mayes, Martha Lopez-Durkin

If you are ready to leave behind third-dimensional limited thinking and jump start the Golden Age, we encourage you to purchase this course as a digital package if it is not available as a live teleconference.  During the course, you will practice techniques that allow you to merge and work closely with your Presence. This will enable you to join many lightworkers who are jump starting the new Golden Age.

The course provides you with tools to:

  • Transmute inhibiting patterns
  • Love yourselves free
  • Practice limitlessness
  • Experience true bliss
  • Live from your Higher Feeling Nature
  • Connect with your multidimensionality
  • Balance your feminine and masculine sides
  • Create a life of Christ consciousness

And Archangel Metatron channeled by Jenifer McKenzie delivers a special message during each class.

The course facilitators have been trained by Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose of the Ascended Masters Unveiled Mystery School of Maui who also provided the channeled materials.

There are six classes or six MP3s. Each lasts appx. 1.5 hrs.

Short videos were created for each class, and you can find them under “Resources” in the navigation bar.  They are listed as Golden Age Videos.

Jenifer McKenzie received this beautiful message for the teachers and students of this course.

Beloved Ones,

The Golden Age class that you will teach will create a portal that will begin to anchor the reality of the Golden Age into yourselves and into Mother Earth. This reality will be the Living Truth and experience of your lives and anyone else who chooses to join you in the class. As each one is strengthened by this energy, they will be able to carry it forth into their lives and help others.

This portal is to be a Sanctuary as you travel through the coming times on Mother Earth. The vision of the Golden Age must be firmly embedded in your consciousness now. Now is the time to be of service through this portal.

We are the Ascended Masters of the Golden Age.

What our Students are Saying

I am so very glad I decided to do this series. I took a chance, not knowing what to expect, and followed inner guidance as I knew I would require support this summer.

This class far exceeded my expectations! The bi-weekly messages/transmissions and teachings from the Masters through the teachers Martha, Jenifer and Shirley, lovingly and powerfully opened me to a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. I looked forward to re-hearing each taped session as well, as the exercises given were enormously effective and applicable to the issues of my daily life.

A gem of a class! I highly recommend to anyone wishing greater clarity, ease, healing, empowerment and joy.

Thank-you all…and in all realms for presenting this opportunity at this time. Am looking forward to continuing in the fall.

In gratitude,
–D.M.K., New York

The Creating the Golden Age Here and Now class was an amazing experience for me. We learned exercises that I will probably be doing the rest of my life. I have gotten to the point that no mater what’s going on in my day, if I do the exercises the day gets better, even if I’m sick. During the meditations in the class the energies that were created were so strong that I often fell asleep. I was told that was a good thing, I was getting out of the way for the energies to do their work. I think that one of the most wonderful things of this class is being with the three women who taught it. Even though I only hear there voices on the telephone I feel like they are family. I highly recommend this class or anything else these wonderful women do!

–D.C., Colorado

The Golden Age classes are fascinating and informative, filled with practical exercises to bring the self into alignment with the Self and keep it there. Each class builds on the last, creating an exponential effect on the learning curve. I can feel myself evolving even as I am listening. Shirley, Jenifer and Martha are true Way-Showers and bring a profound depth to the presentation of the material. I feel blessed to have found them.

–D.G., Massachusetts

The Golden Age classes offered by Returning To The Oneness are truly inspirational. What a beautiful offering for those of us looking for tools to bring us into this Golden Age of Enlightenment. I have been a student of RTTO for many years now and their classes are very profound and deeply uplifting. They bring me to a deeper knowing of myself. Working with the Masters is such a healing, centering, grounding experience. Martha, Jenifer, and Shirley are wonderful teachers and their synergy is amazing. I highly recommend this class.

–R.P., Texas

I find the Golden Age Class to be extremely powerful! It is one of the most powerful classes I have ever taken. The energy is very strong, but not overwhelming. I enjoy the techniques that I have learned to center and balance and use them often. They certainly help to calm me. I also feel that my feminine and masculine sides are becoming more balanced. I listen to recordings of the class many times because there is so much information and energy that needs to be integrated. The teachers are wonderful as well! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is on the path with the Ascended Masters.

–D.P., Texas

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Creating the Golden Age classes. They were filled with vital information for this special time . Each class gave us new spiritual exercises to perform and they built upon each other as the classes progressed. Each class was very powerful and provided world service. Even if I only use the exercises occasionally, I still find that they are very powerful and open me to higher levels of consciousness each time. Thank you Martha, Shirley and Jenifer.

–B.A., Texas

Digital Package

The digital package for this course consists of one handout and an MP3 recording for each class, so the course package contains six MP3 recordings and six PDF handouts to go with each class.  We recommend you work on each class a few times before you move to the next one.  For a richer experience, we also recommend that you make it your intention to have the Masters join you for the classes.


The cost of the six recordings is $44.00 for the MP3s and PDFs of the class materials.   Please return to  Products page  to purchase the package.

Payment Options for Live Teleclass [currently unavailable]