Teleconferencing FAQs

What are the costs involved in a ConferenceCall™?

Only normal domestic long distance rates charged by the participant’s long distance carriers for the length of the call apply.

How many callers can be in a single conference?

We can have hundreds of callers.

Can I use a calling card to call the bridge?


Can international callers participate?

Basically, anyone who can dial a US telephone number should be able to dial a teleconference number.

Is this an Internet service using my computer, mic and speakers?

No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing service that utilizes your regular telephone.


Personal Conferencing:

After payment is received on Paypal a phone number and access code will be provided to you. The numbers and codes are different for every class.

Between five and ten minutes before the class, dial-in the phone number and access code.

Participant Feature Keys

The various teachers use different teleconference companies. Mute/Unmute buttons will be identified by the teachers.

Special Rules for Paid Classes

Please do not give out the phone number and code to anyone who has not paid. Remember that there needs to be an exchange of energy from all participates. You can pay using Paypal on this website.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you really need to plan ahead and send Martha a check and an e-mail address where she can reach you. After she receives payment, she will send you the code and phone number by e-mail. The phone number and code change for every class.

Those who have PayPal can sign up for a class up to 5:00 PM central time on the day of a class, but please, please do it a day or two before the class. Martha cannot guarantee that she will check her e-mail after 5:00 PM the day of the class, and there is no guarantee that her e-mail will reach you in time. It is best to plan ahead. The channeler/teacher needs time before the transmission starts to prepare herself to channel.

Join the conference call 5 or 10 minutes before the time the class starts. Say your hellos to other conference participants quickly, and keep the tone of your conversations light. Remember that the Ascended Masters are already at your place setting up the energies for the call.

If you pay and cannot make the class on time, your payment will be credited to you for another class. Please e-mail Martha if this is the case.