In Memoriam – Rev. Catherine Julian Dove


Rev. Catherine Julian Dove, a messenger for Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, was the founder of The Christ Matrix® Academy which eventually was turned into the Returning to the Oneness–Center for the Growth of the Soul (RTTO).  Jesus through Catherine told us that Christ Matrix was a grid from Alpha and Omega of the Great Central Sun that utilizes and develops the Christ energies.

Catherine’s spiritual journey was heightened with visitations from Mother Mary and Lord Jesus. They introduced her to many more Ascended Masters and became her teachers including Lord Kuthumi (an incarnation of Saint Francis), Sanat Kumara (also known as The Ancient of Days), Lord Melchizedek, Lord Buddha, and many other Ascended Masters and Archangels who come through the Christ Matrix.  Catherine trained with these Masters and Christ asked her to share their messages of love with the world. From 2002 until 2009, Catherine conducted classes and touched many as she assisted her students in their spiritual paths. During those years Martha worked closely with Catherine and assisted her with earlier websites, organization and administration of the Christ Matrix Academy. Other members of the RTTO including Shirley, Suzie and Deonna were also involved in the Christ Matrix work at various levels.

Then on March 19, 2010, Rev. Dove transitioned from the Earth plane. Vera Lauren, a long friend of Catherine’s, was asked by Catherine and the Masters to continue to share the messages of  The Christ Matrix® .

Well grounded in Christ Matrix energies, the RTTO continues to honor, benefit from and move forward with the work of bringing in and grounding Christ Consciousness energies to the Earth in the best way we can.