The School


The school offers channeled teachings and energetic support from many Ascended Masters. To find out more about the Ascended Masters and Higher Beings who work with us, go to the Ascended Masters under the “From the Masters” tab in the navigation bar.

The school was originally The Christ Matrix® Academy founded by  Rev. Catherine Julian Dove , but when Rev. Dove began to write books, Martha was appointed by Master Jesus and Mother Mary to be the Director of the Returning to the Oneness (RTTO) Center and continue the mission of spreading the Masters’ Work.

The Ascended Masters often remind us that we have much divine support and assistance but because of our free will, we need to request their help, and this is expressed beautifully by this message channeled by our good friend, Deborah Arthur.  Additionally, our talented Suzie Addicks (member of our staff) painted this beautiful group picture of the Masters.



Masters Painting by Suzie Addicks

Walking with the Masters

When you walk alone,
you walk without faith and hope.
When you call upon a Master,
your walk is filled with trust and knowing— knowing that All Is Well.
Call upon us.
We wait, dear ones, to assist.
We are here to assist.
We will walk with you, and you will no longer be alone.
However, you need to ask.
We are always there.
All Is Well.
I Am St. Germain

Channeled by   Deborah Arthur