12th Ray

12th Ray

12th Ray Positive – Inner Wisdom – Gold

Affirmations: All Wisdom is within. Present, here, now. I know.

The 12th Ray positive is a deeply healing Ray of inner wisdom. The color of this Ray is Gold and the Ascended Master named The Golden One is always available to help when using this Ray. We use the 12th Ray positive to connect to our inner knowing, for being in the Now, and for discerning and gaining deep inner clarity. This is truly high frequency Golden Light from the Creator’s Soul.

12th Ray

The 12th Ray positive light is the light of inner wisdom and its deeply healing color can be used very powerfully for many purposes. Whenever you are feeling that wisdom is outside of yourself or you’re feeling scattered, you can use the words:

Present, here, now.

These are very magical words because they pull on the energy of the golden orb of inner wisdom.

Present, here, now. Present, here, now. Present, here, now.

Saying that over and over, you will begin to feel the navel point pull in, and that’s how you will know that you are fully present in your physical body and pulling on your own inner wisdom.

The affirmation to work with in the coming days and across time with this particular positive aspect of the 12th Ray is:

I know. I know. I know

This is very powerful for protection and for nourishment of the deep light of healing of the 12th Ray.

Holding this vibration and allowing it to circulate within and around the body can be very deeply healing.

12th Ray

This special light of the 12th Ray has not been available to humanity for many thousands of years. Your body will feel as if it is being held and deeply pacified. You also may notice an unconscious body wisdom coming forward; an inner wisdom adjusting the skeletal structure and the posture; and you may feel some deep vibratory resonance in the bones. You may also find yourself naturally moving a little bit from side-to-side to adjust the alignment in the hips, pelvis, and in the spine.

This energy is one that is very powerful for healing, and it is especially enjoyed by ocean life and the planetary kingdoms of the Earth. You may send this golden Light into any of the elements like water, earth, metal, and fire. Humanity enjoys it as well, but in some ways there’s more consciousness available in these other realms to receive it, so you may use it by filling your field first, and then choose to send it to some aspect of the ground, the earth, the trees, certain aspects of vegetation, plant or animal life, mountains or ocean.

Go within and connect with your own inner wisdom, have faith and trust that it is possible to bring it forth to assist you in your daily life. The healing of your own body should come first so that you may send a higher frequency of that golden light out to others.

A downloadable MP3 of the 12th Ray class with the attunement to the Twelfth Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.