11th Ray

11th Ray

11th Ray Positive – Universal Wisdom and Abundance – Pink-orange

Affirmation: My cells contain the Knowledge, Wisdom and Abundance of the Universe

The 11th Ray positive is Universal Wisdom and Abundance and the color is a beautiful pink-orange. In these times of change, the 11th Ray is a primary key that allows us access to the deeper mysteries of mastery in the universe.


We can utilize this energy consciously to help ourselves connect with the flow of Universal Wisdom and Abundance which can create a deep sense of joy and “All is Well” in the system. This statement, “All is Well”, vibrates at the master number 33.

So the 11th Ray positive is a key to accessing this high vibration within all the cells of your body, and the Divine Wisdom that surrounds every particle of every living thing.

The affirmation, “My Cells Contain the Knowledge and Abundance of the Universe,” opens the pathway to your Divine knowledge. When you are struggling with how life is unfolding for you and wish to deepen your connection to the bigger picture, just call in the 11th Ray positive. Surround yourself with its beautiful pink/orange light and allow it to help you receive your own soul’s guidance. Feel its healing light helping you to expand your connection and your vibration to All That Is and All That You Are.

The 11th Ray has a very dynamic energy to it that moves energy around, through, and outward, so that it is a very powerful energy for sending forth and connecting to abundance and to a deeper wisdom.

It resonates at a frequency that beckons a certain type of remembrance within the cells which is a key aspect towards moving forward on the soul light path.

11th Ray

This 11th Ray is an alignment of divine energy within you that is in the Oneness, the spark of the creatorship going outward and bringing back to you, all of the universe. All things come to you. All things energetically come to feed you, and your reality manifests abundantly.

Be open to receive these energies of high frequency and take them into every cell of your body. These are the energies of the 5th Dimension and beyond. It is very important at this time to anchor as much of these energies as possible into yourself as well as Mother Earth.

A downloadable MP3 of the 11th Ray class with the attunement to the Eleventh Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.