10th Ray

10th Ray

10th Ray Positive – The Light of the Soul is Drawn to Humanity – Pearlescent pink-white

Affirmation: My Soul and I Are One. We refer to the 10th Ray positive as “The Light of the Soul is Drawn to Humanity.” The color of this Ray is pearlescent pink-white.

On October 8, 1992, the 10th Ray began to be anchored on this planet. This magnificent Ray is able to code the new body of Light into the physical structure. This is the vehicle to accomplish the physical-spiritual ascension.


The 10th Ray of light is the ashram of integration, of wholeness, of completeness and of Oneness, and Djwhal Khul uses this 10th Ray of integration in all of his integration meditations. The 10th Ray could be called a cosmic Ray as it expresses a higher form of Love—an unconditional Love. This Ray is found within the lightbody where the soul joins with the physical. The 10th Ray allows for a higher mental alignment into a cosmic corridor, with the Lightbody that is functioning with the cosmic band of consciousness. Another way to say this is that this Ray is the part of the Oversoul belonging to the Mighty I Am Presence and it holds its soul quality.

10th Ray

This Ray also holds the frequency of righteousness, but not righteousness in the negative aspect of it, but righteousness in the deservingness of being in the God image that you would hold, the image of Divine Love.

The 10th Ray, being very magnetic in its pearlescent pink white, attracts the knowledge of the universe and the light of the soul. This enables the soul’s design to take hold and more fully manifest into the physical.
A downloadable MP3 of the 10th Ray class with the attunement to the Tenth Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.