7th Ray

7th Ray

7th Ray Positive – Divine Manifestation and Transformation – Violet

Affirmations: I Am Divine Manifestation. I Am Transformation in Perfection.

The 7th Ray positive is the Ray of Divine Manifestation and Transformation. The color of this Ray is a beautiful violet and the Chohan is the Ascended Master St. Germain.

7th Ray

This Ray is deeply healing, cleansing and transformational. In our attunement to this Ray, Djwhal Khul will help us to dissolve and transmute old patterns that have held us back. We will also learn how to use this Ray as a cone of protection and how to manifest our deepest desires.

The 7th Ray is a very important Ray for this time period in the history and the evolution of humanity and planet Earth.

The 7th Ray is the transmutation and manifestation Ray. This is the Ray that most of humanity will ascend on.

In the attunement of the 7th Ray, we learn to use the violet flame as a cleanser.

This spotlight of cleansing 7th Ray energy is very key to keeping one safe. It is known as a cone of protection and calling it in prior to all sleep will be very important in the coming times to help you stay in alignment and to help clear away debris, patterning, and other areas of resistance to manifesting the light of the truth that you are.

Simply doing this as you go to sleep and upon awakening will deeply access the light in your system so that you are able to flow in the process of your mastery in your life. We also learn to work with the 7th Ray energies of divine manifestation. Divine light manifests in the physical reality through the energies of the 7th Ray. The 7th Ray is present and able to be seen at the birth of any human or any animal. The 7th Ray is the energy that allows the conscious force to move from one dimensional plane into the current reality that you see.

We now call forth the divine manifestation of your soul purpose intent.

7th Ray

Since many today have moved beyond their original soul intent, we can use the 7th Ray to attune to your current relationship with your soul, thus helping you to birth more fully into your form the manifestation of your soul intent. This is a birthing of your soul more fully into your cells. This is your soul intent as it is at this point now going into your cells. This energy will be soft and easy, and you will find yourself naturally beginning to think thoughts, vibrate at a frequency, and behave in a fashion that guides you to your heart’s and your soul’s true desire.

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