6th Ray

6th Ray

6th Ray Positive – Devotion – Periwinkle blue-violet

Affirmations: I Am devoted to the path of world peace. I Am devoted to Wisdom and Truth. I Am devoted to my Family of World Servers.

The 6th Ray positive—Devotion—is a periwinkle blue-violet color. At this time, humanity holds many obstacles to the true vibration of this Ray. Djwhal Khul’s attunement to this Ray is a powerful release of these obstacles. This Ray allows for the realization of world peace by bringing up and clearing the places we still hold where we feel the separation from soul self. Shining the light on these areas allows for the healing process to go forward and allows our true soul light to come forth and connect to the whole World Server Family.


During the attunement, Djwhal Khul will be clearing the negative and neutral aspects of this Ray which we still carry in our collective lives and from the group consciousness that we share as humanity. Some of the negative aspects to devotion are attachments to dogma, fanaticism, intolerance, prejudice, and escapism. Some of the neutral aspects are denial of feeling, denial that all creation is sentient, and the perception that one is cut off from creation, cut off from spirit and forsaken. We can see this in our world today with all of the holy wars going on and all of the people that feel forsaken and abandoned.

The positive aspect of the 6th Ray increases creativity 1000 fold. Raw ideas from the spiritual plane are given to those who hold this Ray.

6th Ray

Allowing this pale blue-violet light to assist you, and as we connect to the pattern of your soul-fire intention, in the body, at the solar plexus, and integrate it into many of the cells in the body, you will see a glowing and a connectedness between the blue-violet pale color and the light of your soul. And what will naturally begin to happen is a manifestation of supportive energies to assist you with manifesting your soul-call mission, your soul-fire.

It is also helpful to use the 6th Ray when doing world service work as it will open up new ways of seeing. Surrounding oneself with this color can be quite powerful when you are in need of new concepts or new ideas for solving problems in one’s life, especially when approaching old situations in one’s area of service.

The 6th Ray positive allows for a free flow of whole new ways from spirit for solving seemingly deeply ingrained issues and conflicts. As the body and cells absorb the blue-violet light more deeply, you will begin to receive the knowledge and feeling of connection to your Soul Family of World Servers.

A downloadable MP3 of the 6th Ray class with the attunement to the Sixth Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.