5th Ray

5th Ray

5th Ray Positive

Details of the Divine Plan in Time and Space – Orange

Affirmations: I Am the Divine Plan. I Am the Divine Plan unfolding. I Am the Divine Plan completed.

The 5th Ray positive—Details of the Divine Plan in Time and Space—is the color of orange, much like the color of marigolds and the saffron color that you may have seen in the Dalai Lama’s robes. The Chohan is the Ascended Master Hilarion.

5th Ray

This Ray brings in assistance with deep discernment and knowing Truth. We use the motion and energy of change in the Ray to constantly bring ourselves back into alignment with Creation and Oneness. During the attunement, we will also be working closely with the 1st Ray of Divine Will.

The 5th Ray is instrumental in bringing in the Divine Plan of the Creator and when integrated will make the changes to come a lot easier for all on Earth. If you need clarity, call on Master Hilarion to come forth and to work with you with this Ray, he is available and will assist you.

The orange color of this Ray also represents the ending of human suffering. It is the map for ending suffering —so to speak—and it brings a great deal of movement, joy and clarity. This particular attunement allows for a great deal of clarity of vision and a revealing of the next step on your part of the Divine Plan through working with the 3rd eye, front and back.

Indeed, this stirs the energy of movement in the Divine Plan. Much of humanity is now focused on self-preservation, and the 5th Ray energy will help them move into a more evolved state which is focused on self-growth. Those who are working for world service have a more global focus so this will actually stir that up because the 5th Ray will cause the brain to be focused on oneness. And as the brain entrains to this focus, it will naturally transfer to others.


You may also use this for clarity for yourself to make sure you are on your soul path and in alignment with the Divine Plan. The process of staying in alignment with the Divine Plan and working with this energy of clarity and discernment can be very joyful. Much of life is going to be challenging as time speeds up and opportunities for shifting the current structures of understanding and reality present themselves, so utilizing this color and this energy for clarity can be very helpful.

A downloadable MP3 of the 5th Ray class with the attunement to the Fifth Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.