3rd Ray

3rd Ray

3rd Ray Positive – Divine Intelligence – Yellow

Affirmation: I Am Divine Consciousness creating organized matter.

The 3rd Ray positive is a beautiful sunshine yellow and represents Divine Intelligence and the 3rd chakra or solar plexus chakra is the natural home of the 3rd Ray. Serapis Bey, Chohan of this Ray, tells us that the 3rd Ray of light works very deeply with the human and physical mind because it helps the mind to manifest its dreams and desires. The 3rd Ray of light is also a light of clarity and clear thinking, bringing in energies that will help you to cleanse your mind and brain of any negativity or blockages.


The 3rd Ray also brings healing and calming energies to the sympathetic nervous system and will heal and repair any tears in the etheric grid. This deep repair work uses the water molecule, so be sure to drink plenty of water when using this 3rd Ray. Water molecules carry Divine Intelligence. That’s why this planet is a water planet and so much of the human physical body is carrying water. As the 3rd Ray permeates your brain and eyes, your brain will be able to cooperate more fully with Divine Intelligence and your eyes will be able to see more multi-dimensionally.


The 3rd Ray also causes the evolutionary process to speed up so that the manifestation of the soul intent comes forward into daily living more strongly. As this happens, that which is in alignment with our soul intent begins to manifest around us. The daily use of the 3rd Ray positive works to keep the mind clear and relaxed and to remove thought patterns that keep us from connecting to our Soul’s intent.

A downloadable MP3 of the 3rd Ray class with the attunement to the Third Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.