The Center offers a variety of classes via teleconference, (see  Teleconferencing FAQs  ) and most importantly, we offer a meeting place where a group of supportive people gather at least once a week. Once you are part of our group energy, the Masters who work with us support you during your spiritual evolution in many ways. Although we may not always understand exactly how this happens, as we work with the Masters, we feel more empowered, centered and our energy fields feel clearer and more balanced. Additionally, the group energy is used to ground energy in service to ourselves, humanity and Mother Earth. Some of our weekly gatherings are free and some have small fees. Our classes are described below.

In addition, we make available recordings (MP3 downloads) of past classes, and the Masters tell us that their energy is imprinted in the sound. We recommend you request that they be with you while listening to recordings and also put yourself in a comfortable and open position to receive their wisdom and energy.

Check our latest  Weekly Events  for information regarding the day and time these teleconference classes are scheduled for.  But first, get more information on each one of our classes by going to the links below.

Divine Help
Channeled by Lois Hartwick with Thoth, AA Gabriel and Others ~ This series of classes is to explore the different Beings of Light that are willing to team up with us and assist us in our work. Read more
Heal Yourself ~ Heal the Earth
Conducted by Aurora Lappin ~ The purpose of this FREE class is to assist us in raising and maintaining a higher vibration through the challenges of our progressively fast changing world. Read more