The Ancient Teachings of the Ankh — Class Discussion

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Various persons in the groups have expressed an interest in having a blog where comments about experiences from accomplishing course exercises could be posted for everyone to read. This blog is an attempt to fulfill that need.

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  1. Shirley Mayes

    I had a beautiful experience when I did a meditation with Sananda. I put on my white clothes and lit a candle and called him forth along with Miriam, AA Gabriel, and St Germain. I also called forth the Creator to shine that high vibration energy down on me.

    I was sitting on a throne chair and Sananda and the others were in a line to come up to me with a lily and it was a potted lily not cut. He bowed before me and handed me a beautiful white lily and there were angels all behind me that took it and sat it on the table next to my chair. Then the next one in line came forth and bowed and then handed me a potted white lily and as did all the others in the line. All the lilies were alive and conscious, everything was white and sacred.

    I had the sense that I was being initiated and I was very happy as all the angels were singing. I felt so much love.

    It was a very sacred experience.

    Blessings of love to all,
    Shirley Mayes 3/26/15

  2. Isis Dudek

    A little on a lighter side after experiencing the Emerald Master…that evening I put the tv on and watched “Darby O’Gill” an old black and white Disney film, just delightful, and of course there was a lepracaun. I so enjoyed it and could not help but feel that the Emerald Master was laughing along with me! The next day I was out and about and searched for a place to stop and eat my lunch while in the car. I realized that on the side of the road where I had stopped was a lush patch of blooming shamrocks! I picked a few, put them in a jar of water and continued traveling with them for days.
    I have been working with the Sapphire Master to clear shame. I was guided to work more with the Ruby Master and was told there was a lot of slavery in my past…I could sense myself to be a black male, shackles on my ankles. I will continue the work, do not feel cleared as yet.
    For support I have been attracted to working more with the Minerals. Holding stones in my hands as I sleep, carrying them in my pockets, making and taking gem elixers for stabilization. I have also made some flower essences; when we were first working with the Blue Star Alceyone I asked the Borage (a flower that is a blue star) to receive the star Alceyone energy. Last spring was the Cardinal Cross as you remember, and I asked a beautiful white tulip to hold this energy. Vancouver White was the tulip’s name and they stood for weeks, like white sentinels in the garden.
    I am open to sharing the elixers and essences if anyone is interested. Today for the first day of spring I made a citrine elixir, a little daffodil and a sweet white crocus.
    Love to all, Isis

  3. Susan Sawyer

    Clearing from Ruby Mst./Mother Mary
    Wk. of 3/2/15: Asked Ruby Mst./MM to assist in clearing deep seated patterns of verbal abuse & degradation of the feminine from ancestors,past lifetimes and within my present family context. This also included healing karmic relationships of rejection with men in this lifetime.A physical manifestation resulted in my head feeling stuffed with cotton- unable to think clearly. MM & Platinum Ray would relieve some pressure only for it to return the following day.On the 4th night, a lifelike dream occurred waking me out of bed to ask the Order Members if it was really true.They responded ‘No, it was karma releasing.’The following day my head began to clear as the dream seemingly had broken a portion of the rejection imprint. I am so thankful for the clearing and to all the Spiritual Masters for their assistance in this.Much Love to you all, Lois, and Martha for making this possible!

  4. M Lopez-Durkin

    Working with the Ruby Master and the Divine Feminine Principle

    This week I’ve worked with the Ruby Master a few times. Her energy is soft and powerful at the same time. I have enjoyed holding the Diamond Master’s and the Ruby Master’s energies in my heart area; this image has made my heart feel expanded and more open. While realizing this, during one of my meditations, I received the insight that the process of staying in the heart expanded my compassion and forgiveness capacity–both of which were much needed to clear the many imbalances and misqualified Divine Feminine energy held in our bodies throughout time.

    A couple of times, I also invited the Sapphire Master to come in and assist in the clearing. With the red, blue and white rays in one space, I saw them merge into beautifully soothing violet flames.

    The part where the misqualified energies are pulled from the heart into the loop of the Ankh felt like a vacuum cleaner in action. I could really feel the pull. I felt inspired to ask the Golden Ray to come and fill any gaps left in my bodies by the pulling out of the debris. This has felt very nurturing.

    I’ve felt nurtured and full of appreciation after these meditations.

  5. DonnanH

    The Ankh Ruby Meditation

    I think that on some level, I knew what was coming, because as soon as I sat down and started to prepare, tears started to flow. I had chosen specific music to use as a tool to facilitate each part of my meditation….like a program.

    I proceeded to follow each step carefully, to the point where we were asked to allow the Ruby Energy to pervade our beings for a period of time. It seemed that I was crying on many different levels….it began with what seemed like very personal tears and then went on to represent all of the divine feminine on our planet…so, I experienced an expansion of purpose within these very deep feelings….

    I can do this…I can go there, I can “be” here….I said to myself…just allowing myself to go deeper and deeper. I realized that I had found a place of a very heavy heart.

    This Ruby energy was very new and different to me….I had to choose to embrace it….we were doing some very deep work, and I kept reaching out energetically for Mary, who seemed to keep me in the place of the Ruby energy, where I needed to be for this particular transition. I wanted to embody Mary, because her energy is so familiar to me…but she said it’s not about embodying me, it’s about embodying you….yes, you…

    In the depths of this experience, my heart was feeling very raw, almost singed-like…then, I realized that it was on fire….there were flames… and I thought to myself…this makes sense…the flames of transmutation. I experienced these flames three different times and just sat and relished my heart…then body… just being in and being engulfed in these flames. I was again conscious of the experience as it relates to me personally and then for everyone…it is part of our service!

    There was a time after this that I was just “in”, and being aware of my heart energy and it seemed to touch and merge with another energy….I can’t even articulate the beauty of this feeling. I felt the effects of this working for several hours after the meditation….Blessed Be!

  6. Fernando Acosta

    I began the meditation following the instructions from Thoth and Metatron regarding the use of the empty space of the Ankh’s loop to bring in the Light from the Central Sun into my third eye. First I brought the Ankh down, over each of my chakras and then I moved the Ankh up to the top of my head. When I did that, the white energy went into my third eye; it was very strong and it felt warm. Actually my whole body felt warm as the Ankh moved from chakra to chakra. I decided to bring the energy down to my feet and all the way down to the center of the Earth as a gesture of love for Gaia; then I brought it up to the top of my head. When it touched the 11th Chakra I saw the color pink, the color of Unconditional Love.

    I enjoyed the white energy (I saw it white.) for a while and I called in the Sapphire Master so that he would come and assist me in clearing my karma and any elemental being created throughout time. I asked him to do this together with the Diamond in the center of the Ankh. Together they sent their energies into my third eye. I asked both Masters to command the internal system connecting all my DNA in each cell of my body (according to the Kryon Angelic Group) to erase once and for all, all of my karma and any residual elemental, etc., from other people and that I might be carrying. Additionally, I insisted that they erase death in order to grow spiritually (Kryon). I asked him to eliminate death from my system until my spiritual growth is complete as well as my cycle of lives on Earth. (This cycle surrounds any incarnation in our Solar System.)

    I began to pull away the Ankh after the ten minutes. (I was asked for five additional minutes.) Then rays of blue, red and green light manifested, and I said “Would the four of you like to work with me?” As a reply a geometrical figure formed with a diamond turning in its axis very quickly and the four rays changing to different positions and different shades. Each facet of the diamond emanated brilliant and ever-changing rays which were sent towards me.

    It was a beautiful vision and it gave me much joy and happiness throughout my body. And someone, a Being, began to touch my head: first the hair, then my forehead. I asked who it was, and immediately in the center of the diamond faces of Masters began to appear, one after the other, and in my mind they were telling me who they were. They said “We are part of your Spiritual Light Council”. The faces appearing in the diamond belonged to beings that I was not familiar with; they said “We are new to your group.” None of them gave me a name. Some of them were very strange looking.

    After some time, the window to the center of the Diamond closed and a Golden hue was added to the other four colors. In one or two minutes the vision ended. Everything disappeared.

    I forgot to mentioned that one of the Masters that appeared in the diamond, I believe, was Melchizedek. His hair and beard were white, and his clothing was gold and he wore a blue medallion. When I asked him if he was Melchizedek, he smiled at me and confirmed what I said with a gesture.

    I was left in a state of happiness, contentment and laughter which lasted a long time. I felt much like a happy baby.

    “Así Lo Entiendo” [That’s The Way I Understand It.]
    Fernando Acosta, February 23, 2015

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