Returning To The Oneness (RTTO) is an online metaphysical school that offers opportunities for like-minded people to gather via teleconference for classes, meditations, and support. The school is guided and supported by various Ascended Masters and Higher Beings as we move forward during the process of attaining enlightenment or ascension. If you are also looking to connect with other seekers of the light, you are in the right place. Soul growth (enlightenment or ascension) is a process where you clear out the lower energies held in the body, mind and soul to become the vessel of God’s Love-Light energy or vibration. This process is ongoing for all of us as we evolve to the Higher Beings that we were created to be and it may take a lifetime. RTTO teachers and students are here to offer support you via classes and world-service events. Novice and experienced seekers who are serious about understanding their connection to Source benefit from the teachings we offer. Many previously-recorded courses are available for purchase as MP3 downloads! Check out our  Products  page. Current World-service Event: Etheric Pyramids of Light under construction over Stockholm, Sweeden. (We completed our Etheric Pyramid over New Delhi, India. Yeah!!) You might be interested in M. Hilarion’s discourse about Etheric Pyramids. Read more


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To spread our message further, we began making meditation/energy videos. One specifically for Divine Mother of the World which features a Fire Ceremony. More information
Other YouTube videos can be found by following this link. More information


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Luxor Temple

Sign of the Times:

Teachings of the Temple by Serpis Bey Combined with the Emerald Tablets as set forward with Thoth ~ Part 1 series divided into two parts: This will be a new channeled course of material and unlike what has been given before. It is the first of a two-part series consisting of seven channeled sessions.  Click here to continue reading and to register.

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